Tuesday, December 4, 2012

ClixSense Review

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ClixSense The Most Trusted PTC Around?

Clixsense has been around since February 2007 and has a strong reputation for being a top tiered paid to click website! They have paid out nearly $3.5 million dollars to their members since they opened. They pay you to click on advertisements, complete offers, and refer members.

How Much Does ClixSense Pay?

Clixsense pays up to $.02 per PTC click and $.008 per referral click. You can recruit referrals 8 levels deep and have UNLIMITED direct referrals! The payment potential is literally endless! ClixSense also pays you to complete offers. Offers include signing up for free sites, calling businesses, downloading programs, and much more. Payment for these offers vary greatly. Generally the pay for completing an offer is somewhere between $.01 and $50!

How Can I Get Paid By ClixSense?

ClixSense pays via Paypal, Payza, and Liberty Reserve. You are able to cash out once you reach a minimum of $8.

Whats Unique About ClixSense?

One great unique feature about ClixSense is called ClixGrid. ClickGrid is essentially a game where you click on a grid of advertisements with the potential to win $5 for clicking the right grid square. ClixSense offers you 25 attempts per day.

ClixSense Proof of Payment

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

BUXP Get Paid To Site Review

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Is BUXP a scam?

NO! BUXP is not a scam! BUXP is a get paid to website paying users to click on advertisements, complete offers, refer friends, and watch videos. BUXP will not make you rich but it could potentially offer some good supplemental income if you refer enough users to their site.

How Much Will You Earn?

They pay $.001 -  $.006 per advertisement viewed for regular members which may seem like a low amount but it does add up. I have had 40 or so ads available to view each day but the number does vary.

Completing offers will earn you more money than clicking advertisements. Many FREE offers can earn you as much as $.25 or even more just for doing something a simple as signing up for other free websites. Be sure to follow all instructions when completing offers in order to receive your payment. Other trial offers and money back offers can earn you over $20 per offer!

Refer new users in order to earn cash on advertisements they view. You can earn between $.0005 - $.003 per advertisement your referrals view. You can have an infinite number of referrals.

Payouts are made via Paypal and Payza and you are eligible for payment once you reach $6.99.

Premium Membership

BUXP offers a premium membership as well which allows you to earn more per advertisement and referral views! BUXP premium memberships costs $50 for the year. I personally do not have a premium membership but the extra cost may be worth it if you earn enough referrals.

BUXP Payment Proof


BUXP Review Summary
  • $.001 - $.006 per advertisement viewed
  • $.0005 - $.003 per referral view
  • Unlimited referral potential
  • $6.99 payout via Paypal or Payza
  • Premium Membership Offered
  • Overall One of the Best GPT Sites Around

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What is a (GPT) or Get Paid To Site?

A get paid to site is essentially a website that pays you to do something. This something is usually clicking advertisements, filling out surveys, or watching advertisement clips. Others are more unique and fun. Some sites pay you to use their social networking site, critique music, and write articles. They are a great way for teenagers to make a little cash when they are not of age to get a real job yet. Many adults also use these sites to earn a little extra cash. After all who couldn't use a little extra cash?
Nearly all are low paying and will most likely not be enough to replace a job by completing offers alone. The best way to make money through these sites is by earning referrals. Most get paid to sites will offer some sort of referral bonus and you will earn a certain amount for referring new active members. The beauty of this referral bonus is you are promoting a site that is completely free to join, making it fairly simple to convince people to sign up!

Is It Possible To Earn Money From Home?

I have spent countless days on the Internet trying to figure out some "fast and easy way" to become "instantly rich online". I have paid subscriptions to numerous Multi-Level Marketing Companies, wasted time on Pay Per Click Websites, tried creating a Youtube account, and heck even attempted day trading the stock market. I became completely obsessed with figuring out a way to create wealth through the Internet. Eventually I came to the conclusion that there is no "fast and easy way" to make money online.
However, through hard work, dedication, and/or some unique talents and charisma it is possible to eventually become successful making money on the Internet. The purpose of the this blog is to outline and review the various methods and techniques that can be used to Potentially earn you an income from home. Additionally, this blog was created to steer you clear of some of the scams and frauds on the Internet.
There is no guarantee that you will be successful at creating an income online. Although, at the very least, I can promise that you will be able to make a few extra dollars if you are persistent at whatever method you choose.