Friday, May 31, 2013

A Fun and Unique Way to Earn Money Online -

I would like to give a quick review of as it is one of the most unique and fun ways to make money online. does not have a referral program so I will gain nothing from you signing up with them.

What is ? is a company with a tool that allows members to create t-shirts and put them up for sale on their website. It is 100% FREE to create and account with
If the t-shirt is bought the member who created will earn commission. The members can set their own commission percentage (most stick to 15%-20%) but the more commission you charge the higher the price of the shirt and the harder to sell. doesn't only allow you to create t-shirts, there are literally hundreds of items that you can design and create to earn money online through them. Anything from coffee mugs to bumper stickers to iPhone cases! also has an affiliate sales program. If you direct people to their site through an affiliate link and the person buys an item you will earn up to 30% of the sale.

How Much Can You Earn?

The earnings potential is limitless if you are creative enough. There are people who make six figures and create items full-time through Personally I have made a quick $30 in just one month after designing only one shirt. If I put more time in I'm sure I could turn into one of my main revenue streams. Proof of Payment

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