Sunday, June 23, 2013

Good Way of Making Money - Cash Cattle System

Want to know a good way of making money online? Check  out the Cash Cattle System tab on this site. 

Why is the Cash Cattle System a good way of making money? 

Its is a 100% FREE 3 step system that explains how to start making money online. It features the most legitimate FREE to join money making sites on the internet today. The most trusted, unique, and marketable sites that allow you to earn money and most importantly gain referrals to grow your business. Referrals and gpt sites are a good way of making money when you are new to internet marketing. You can then take that money and invest it in whatever other paid business venture you would like to.

The 3 Steps

Step 1

Sign u for as many of the free to join sites as you would like to. 

A personal favorite of mine is It pays you to listen and review music. Its a good way of making money online because its fun. They pay pretty well anywhere from .01-.20 a review. There are infinite reviews per day.

Step 2

Create a blog or website just like the one you are reading now. The blog can be about whatever you would like but someone on the blog should feature a page with your referral links. The best thing to do is review each website you are apart of and post your link somewhere in the review. Blogs are also a good way of making money if you monetize them with advertisements. 

Step 3 

Drive traffic to your website/blog through social media sites, word of mouth, seo, and traffic exchanges. If your blog is well written and you gain traffic to your referral links you will make money!

For a more in depth look at the Cash Cattle System either click the tab on the top of this blog or click here.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Why Making Money Online is Difficult

Making money online can be very challenging, especially if you are new to it all. One of the main reasons I created Cash Cattle is to help people who are new to internet marketing learn the ropes. The goal is to teach people to start with absolutely zero dollars and create a profitable business overtime.

Making money online comes with a host of challenges that need to be dealt with. Some of the major challenges are the competition, the scams, and the start up fees often associated with making money online. In order to tackle these challenges and start making money from home, its important that you gather some training information from reliable sources such as this website.

The competition in the online jobs market is a huge barrier to making a profit. There are millions of sites on the internet dedicated to making money online. Its important that if you create a website, it stands out from the rest and is created around a sound niche. The websites or businesses you promote should be as legitimate and cutting edge as possible.

There are always new online businesses coming out and many of them fail. There are also numerous new businesses that come of out the wood works with the intention of failing, but stealing your money first.
Its important to do your research before every joining any new business. One of the best ways to discern if an online business is legitimate is to find payment proofs. Although payment proofs don't guarantee the longevity of a business, it is a pretty good indicator that a business is running pretty smoothly. Stay away from things that promise you riches overnight or ask for a ridiculous amount of money up front (i.e $500). Take a good look at the site layout, if it looks cheesy then stay away.

There are numerous pay to join business opportunities on the internet that are indeed legitimate. However, there are probably more that are scams. I would strongly suggest that before ever trying to make money online by spending cash that you give the free methods a try first. The free methods will not make you rich but they will give you some valuable experience in the online jobs world. They will show you exactly how hard it is to earn referrals to FREE to join programs before you get involved in something paid to join. They also allow you to build up a little cash that you can then use to market your pay to join business.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Get Paid to Listen and Review Music With SliceThePie

SliceThePie is the Best FREE to Join Get Paid To Site Around

Although I have already done a brief initial review of, I want to elaborate further on the earning potential of this FREE to join site. pays you to listen to music. Most of the music is from up and coming artists who pay to have their music reviewed for constructive criticism. Occasionally you will get to listen to radio hits and help influence which songs get aired!

Some of the cool things about SliceThePie is that you get paid based on performance. The better your reviews, the more you will get paid for each music review. You can get paid anywhere from .02 - .20 per review. Reviews take about 1 minute and 30 seconds to complete. Some people who treat SliceThePie as a real job and review long hours can make a few hundred dollars a week!

Why SliceThePie is the Best Free to Join Get Paid To Site Around?

  • Get paid based on performance anywhere from .02-.20 per review

SliceThePie also offers bonus review sessions where you earn .18 per review

  • Unlimited music reviews everyday. 
Nearly all other Get Paid To sites limit the amount of offers you can complete in a day. SliceThePie allows you to complete as many reviews as you would like. You can literally review around the clock. 

  • Referral Program Allows for Unlimited Income Potential 
Refer a few users and get paid 10% of whatever your referrals earn. You can get paid in your sleep! If you refer enough new members you can make quit a bit of money with SliceThePie

  • Easy to Promote
Not only is it easy to promote a website that pays you to listen to music, SliceThePie is also nearly unheard of. It is very easy to promote a website with no market saturation. The reason it is so difficult to earn referrals in some of the top GPT sites on the net is because everyone is already a member. SliceThePie is new enough that not many people have heard of it and established enough to have a proven track record of paying its customers.

  • Low Payout
Get paid once you hit $10 via Paypal

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

ClickTrackProfit Traffic Exchange System - Initial Review

Clicktrackprofit is really a one of a kind website. It gives you multiple useful benefits all through one FREE program. Clicktrackprofit makes surfing traffic exchanges fun and exciting by offering cash incentives, badges, and bonuses for surfing certain traffic exchanges at the same time. Whats really awesome about clicktrackprofit is it allows you to promote multiple traffic exchange referral links through one website. Clicktrackproft makes promoting their site relatively simple for the following reasons. 

#1 They off the most out of any traffic exchange program I have seen so far
#2 Its 100% FREE to join with a paid upgrade option
#3 They make surfing FUN with hidden badges and keys to unlock prizes
#3 They equip you with the tools and training you need to succeed.
  • Training Video Modules
  • Expertly designed splash pages and banner
Check out clicktrackprofit by clicking the banner below!

Where to Direct Your Web Traffic

When surfing traffic exchanges, posting links to social media sites, or whatever else you may be doing to gain traffic, you should never immediately direct traffic to your main website. Instead, always direct traffic to a splash page or a squeeze page. Attaching your main website to traffic exchanges will decrease your chances of grabbing users attention and can get your site blacklisted from search engines. Additionally, if you are a publisher and run PTC ads like with you could be violating terms and conditions and get your account shut down.

A splash page is a page that is designed in a way that will grab attention and briefly explain what you can do for someone. Some points to consider are making it colorful, easy to read, and exciting. Your splash page will include a link to whatever you are selling or to your main website. One great resource for creating FREE splash pages is Additionally, you can create a second blog or website and direct traffic exchange traffic there.

A squeeze page is a web page that is designed to capture someones information. Usually a name and email address. A squeeze page is very essential if you want to be a successful internet marketer as it allows you to build a list of prospects. Squeeze pages are similar to splash pages in the fact that they should be colorful, easy to read, and exciting. Usually squeeze pages offer some incentive for submitting an email. This incentive is usually something as simple as a copy of an e-book or software. In order to create a squeeze page you need a service to keep track of the emails and create submission forms. There is one FREE service on the net up to a list of 2000. If you are new to internet marketing, 2000 people will take you a decent amount of time and effort. Sign up for the free autoresponder service at

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Chitika an Alternative Way to Monetize Your Blog Instead of Adsense

Google adsense has become increasingly strict with the publishers it approves. The good news is there are alternatives! is on of the best alternatives to Google adsense. It will approve blogs and websites instantly and allow you to start earning ad revenue within minutes! also has statistics on your websites ad impressions and clicks. The Chitika dashboard allows You can login and check up to date statistics on your ad revenue. Chitika has multiple different types of ads and also supports mobile. They have hover ads, text ads, and ads that lie within the paragraphs of your web page called Linx. Linx are double underlined within the text and identify relevant keywords. also has a referral program! Through the referral program you will earn 10% of the ad revenue generated by your referrals. You will continue to earn your referral bonus until your referral has been signed up for 10 months.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Donkey Mails Get Paid To Website Review No Minimum Payout

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Donkey Mails is one of the best Get Paid To sites around today. They offer members multiple ways to get paid. Including: Get paid to click on advertisements, Get paid to read emails, get paid to sign up, get paid to surf, and get paid for earning referrals! Donkey mails pays you for referrals 5 levels deep!

Donkey Mails offers a no minimum payout and payments are made every two weeks. Donkey Mails is one of the most trusted Get Paid To sites around since it has been on the net since 2005! Donkey Mails is 100% FREE to join and offers an optional paid upgrade membership.

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