Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Where to Direct Your Web Traffic

When surfing traffic exchanges, posting links to social media sites, or whatever else you may be doing to gain traffic, you should never immediately direct traffic to your main website. Instead, always direct traffic to a splash page or a squeeze page. Attaching your main website to traffic exchanges will decrease your chances of grabbing users attention and can get your site blacklisted from search engines. Additionally, if you are a publisher and run PTC ads like with Chitika.com you could be violating terms and conditions and get your account shut down.

A splash page is a page that is designed in a way that will grab attention and briefly explain what you can do for someone. Some points to consider are making it colorful, easy to read, and exciting. Your splash page will include a link to whatever you are selling or to your main website. One great resource for creating FREE splash pages is easyhits4u.com. Additionally, you can create a second blog or website and direct traffic exchange traffic there.

A squeeze page is a web page that is designed to capture someones information. Usually a name and email address. A squeeze page is very essential if you want to be a successful internet marketer as it allows you to build a list of prospects. Squeeze pages are similar to splash pages in the fact that they should be colorful, easy to read, and exciting. Usually squeeze pages offer some incentive for submitting an email. This incentive is usually something as simple as a copy of an e-book or software. In order to create a squeeze page you need a service to keep track of the emails and create submission forms. There is one FREE service on the net up to a list of 2000. If you are new to internet marketing, 2000 people will take you a decent amount of time and effort. Sign up for the free autoresponder service at mailchimp.com

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