CashCattle System

100% FREE 3 Step System to Help You Earn Money Online!

STEP 1 - Enroll in FREE GPT Sites!

Enroll in as many as of the following websites as you would like:

 Slice the pie is my personal favorite site. It is possible to make $100 a week simply reviewing music!

STEP 2 - Create a Blog or Website

It is extremely important that you have a blog or website if you are serious about making money online. You need a place to direct people that has all of your information. Review any sites you are enrolled in and place your referral link in the review! This is a great way to get sign ups! Also, regardless of if anyone signs up for your sites you can still monetize your blog! Using Chitika is the best alternative to Adsense and will most likely approve you immediately! Click the banner below to sign up!

STEP 3 - Participate in your websites and GAIN REFERRALS

Participate in offers, click advertisements, read emails, and GAIN REFERRALS. 

Gaining referrals in GPT sites is what is going to earn you money in the long run. If you gain enough referrals you will earn a nice residual income stream!


Gaining referrals will be the most challenging part about making money online. However, it is the most profitable in the long run. Gaining good referrals will provide you with a limitless stream of income.
In order to gain referral people will need to see what you have to offer. This means you are going to have to drive traffic to your website or referral links. Here are the different options for driving traffic:

Traffic Exchanges

Sign up for Clicktrackprofit below! They are a great traffic exchange program which allows you to earn bonuses (cash and surf credits), badges/keys, to unlock rewards, and promote multiple traffic exchanges through one link!

Sign up for Traffic Hoopla Below! They are a great way to drive traffic to your site. They will keep track of multiple traffic exchanges and allow you to promote them all through one link!

Its important that you do not directly link your blog to traffic exchanges as it could potentially get your site blacklisted by search engines and it may violate your advertising networks terms and conditions. Instead promote your referral links directly or create a splash page!

Social Media

Promote your referral links or blog through social media sites! Here are some of the core ones to use but the possibilities are limitless:

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